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Report: Social Listening for Admissions Insights—August 2021


Our recruitment-focused social listening research used admissions audience segmentation as a guide. Between February to April 2021 we found unifying themes and understanding as individuals shared their experiences, woes, and excitement while revealing their mindsets for critical admissions choices at every stage of the funnel.

Their conversations go beyond the decisions of early May and relate to visits, applications, academics, financial confusion, and all the small stops in between, offering insights to fine-tune your approach.

What the Report Gives You

Sentiment offers a window into the way your audiences feel at a moment in time. Over time, trends in sentiment deepen your understanding of how a prospective student feels through their admissions journey.

Content Sources help you understand where and how often students post at different stages of the enrollment cycle to determine where to invest your time and resources. 

Athletics segmentation helps your team determine relevant questions and pain points for your entire new student population, while allowing for strategic use of athletics.

Questions to Consider guide and inform the strategies and tactics you put in place on your campus to guide students through the admissions journey.