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Report: Social Listening for Alumni Insights—February 2022

Your alumni are a valuable part of your campus community. They carry on traditions,
generate excitement, celebrate one another’s accomplishments, share advice with
students, and, yes, donate.

But how can you establish and maintain lasting relationships with them, especially
when traditional methods are not feasible or relevant amid a pandemic? 

Alumni& Advancement: Report

What This Report Gives You

The Social Listening for Alumni Insights: February 2022 report gives you insight into what your alumni experience so you can consider how your campus can support them. The report examines six months of alumni conversations to understand:

  • Conversation behavior including volume over time, content sources, and mention types. Use the data to build affinity with your campus and brand, expand offerings for alumni, and leverage their experiences.
  • Sentiment overall, over time, and content source. Use the trends to focus your content strategy, build engagement, and inform cross-campus decisions. 
  • Top topics highlights four prominent themes in alumni mentions over the analysis period: alma mater, graduation, pandemic, and student loans and debt.