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Report: Social Listening Benchmarks for Higher Ed

December 2021

Higher ed is still in a vulnerable state. With declining public trust, a looming demographic cliff, less and less public funding, and a global pandemic, the spring 2020 semester was a time of chaos.

But we're starting to see signs of hope. In analyzing public online conversation about higher ed from the spring 2021 semester, conversation volume is rebounding and seasonal trends and patterns offer a sense of normalcy. But this recovery is very much a work in progress. 

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What This Report Gives You

The Social Listening Benchmarks for Higher Education: December 2021 report provides a benchmark from the spring 2021 semester and allows us to examine the data through a multi-year lens. We look at online conversation trends in higher ed:

  • What is the overall conversation volume and sentiment about campuses in higher ed?
  • Who is driving online conversation about higher ed campuses?
  • When is online conversation about higher ed taking place?
  • Where is conversation about higher ed taking place?

Questions to consider guide your thinking about the data's relevance to your campus and actionable ways you might respond to the data and impact key outcomes.