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Report: Use News Insights to Prepare Your Campus Comms Strategy

September 2021

This report is sponsored by TVP Communications. Founded on a desire to have the luxury of falling in love with their clients, TVP Communications brings unrivaled industry expertise and individualized attention to its work with client partners across the higher education landscape.

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News coverage of higher ed has profound positive and negative effects on key audiences and stakeholders, and resultant policies. This report will help you use the data from our social listening research on online news to build a solid communications strategy for your campus.

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Content Warning: 
In this report, we discuss and link to content that may be difficult to read. This includes content on racism, sexual assault, and issues regarding free speech.

What This Report Gives You

Conversation Overview explores volume and sentiment analysis, including insight into overall sentiment of higher ed news stories and the variation in specific sites.

Topical Analysis reviews the topics that rose to the forefront of conversation and issues that are prominent in other aspects of higher ed. 

Questions to Consider guide and inform the strategies and tactics in your communications strategy and help you identify solutions and answers for tough topics.