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Webinar: Online Learning in a Pandemic ≠ Online Learning

A panel discussion on higher education's 2020 transition to online learning.

Special Topics: Webinar

Key Takeaways

  1. During the transition to online learning, students and faculty aligned in sentiment and conversation topics. Both were quickly thrown into an unfamiliar environment, and the classroom flipped with faculty suddenly in a position where they felt less confident. 
  2. Pivoting the campus community to bring it together online was key to a smooth transition. It wasn’t enough to simply move the same activities to an online format, successful campuses created new experiences that fit their students’ digital world.
  3. Diminished value was a significant theme in the conversation. Students and families place a price on being in the same room, which isn’t necessarily where the value of the education is. When communicating the financial worth of their education, campuses should meet students and families where they are in their current mindset.
  4. Technology and accessibility shortfalls exacerbated the challenges of an already difficult situation, and in many cases negatively impacted students’ academic performance and mental health. 

Presented By

Campus Sonar Founder and CEO Liz Gross and Beth Miller.

Guest Experts

  • Madeline Roberts Pyle, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing and Communication, Lyon College
  • Julie Walton, Associate Director of Program operations and Graduate Admissions, Elizabethtown College's School of Continuing and Professional Studies

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