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Webinar: Social Listening for Admissions Insights

A panel discussion on prospective and admitted student online conversation.

Admissions & Enrollment: Webinar

Key Takeaways

  1. When it comes to college admissions, parents and students are more similar than many people think. We’ve heard campuses don’t understand what to say to parents, but their concerns are remarkably similar to their students.
  2. Within the admissions conversation there was a financial theme with two undercurrents: “Can I pay for it?” and “Should I pay for it?” Campuses need to be sensitive to price and close the information gap between sticker price and financial aid.
  3. Make admission and key points along the journey worthy of being shared for all students, not only student-athletes. Creating shareable moments builds positive connections with all students and builds affinity for your campus from the moment a student commits or visits.

Presented By Campus Sonar and Niche

Special Guest

Allison Turcio, Director of Digital Strategy, Siena College

Listen to the recording.

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