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  3. June 2021: Social Listening for Alumni Insights

Webinar: Social Listening for Alumni Insights

A discussion on insights you can use to inform and improve relationships with alumni.

Alumni & Advancement: Webinar

Key Takeaways

  1. We found high levels of negative sentiment with alumni conversation, influenced in particular by pandemic-related circumstances. When developing alumni messaging and outreach strategies, remain mindful of the possible challenges in each individual’s life and proceed with empathy for the whole person. 
  2. All content is alumni content if your alumni view it, just as all content is admissions content when viewed by prospective students. When you have opportunities to celebrate and amplify alumni success stories, those stories energize your alumni base and resonate with enrollment audiences as they evaluate where to apply and enroll. 
  3. When considering the barriers to implementing new alumni programming on campus, look for the opportunities to think creatively and find natural extensions of initiatives that are already underway. It’s worthwhile to push through these challenges to build stronger relationships between campuses and alumni.

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