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Webinar: Higher Ed News Insights: DEI, Title IX, and Freedom of Speech

A panel discussion on what news coverage means for your campus strategy.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Get to know the leadership in your athletics department. Work with them as you do advancement, student affairs, the provost's office, and legal council. Stop talking about athletics and talk with them—they have connections and intel you don’t.
  2. The research reinforces conversations you’re already having with your campus leadership. Use it to set expectations for realistic media relations outcomes. Their best work is the work you don’t see—reshaping stories and leveraging opportunities where your immediate reaction is to not respond. Leveraging these opportunities is a way to move the needle from negative to neutral. 
  3. Higher ed marketing and communications strategy exists on a continuum. With the current platforms and channels, you need to build an integrated strategy that covers everything from your unfamiliar national outreach to your very closest alumni relationships. Each piece of content should live beyond it’s starting point and reach individual audiences on their most familiar platform.

Presented by Campus Sonar and TVP Communications

  • Liz Gross, Founder and CEO, Campus Sonar
  • Teresa Valerio Parrot, Principal, TVP Communications

Special Guests

  • Jenny Petty, Vice President Marketing Communications, University of Montana 
  • Binti Harvey, Vice President for External Relations, Scripps College

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