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Webinar: Volume, Voices, and Sources—Oh My!

A panel discussion on social listening benchmarks in higher education.

Marketing: Webinar

Key Takeaways

  1. An insight that stood out the most to live attendees was that conversation volume consistently increases by a factor of three when athletics is added.
  2. Typically, more than half of online conversation about a campus is earned (i.e., from your community, not you). Dr. Polec said it's important to help senior leadership understand that the majority of conversation happens around your campus, rather than from your campus.
  3. Take a step back to look at the whole picture, rather than only in the moment metrics like engagement rate, to contextualize what you see monthly, quarterly, and annually. This context helps you measure your progress toward strategic goals over time,  and provides a framework for sharing data with leadership.

Presented By

Liz Gross, Campus Sonar Founder and CEO

Special Guests 

  • Angela Polec, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, La Salle University
  • Beth Miller, former Campus Sonar Client Success Manager

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